Internship Opportunities

Fundraising Intern

An Internship opportunity for a student interested in working with a Non-Profit organization to develop fund raising strategies

Our Goals:

1. Explore the strategies that would encourage corporations to donate to a 501(3)C Non-profit organization.

2. Identify corporations that have a history of contributing to Non-profit organizations and identify strategies to target those companies.

3. Develop a top 10 list of local corporations that have been researched: identifying the history of the organization and identifying key strategies to peek the companies interest in Matthew’s Mindful Moment.   Matthew's Mindful Moment is a Foundation that is offering Mindfulness Practice to Elementary school children.

4. Set up a schedule to meet with key companies and explore their interest in our organization.

Time Commitment:

4-5 hours twice a week for 6-week period

4 hours a week for the semester

Social Media Intern

An Internship opportunity for a student interested in working with a Non-Profit organization to develop a social media strategy. The strategy would align with our strategic goals and our target audience. Develop tools to identify the effect of social media in our ability to meet our mission. It would be a plus if the candidate had studied graphic design or who has experience with info graphics, but it is not a requirement.

Our Goals:

1. Increase community awareness of Matthew’s Mindful Moment by updating information on Facebook and Instagram with our target audience in mind.

2. Post a blog on the web site that gives insight into the effectiveness of the programs in the schools and the impact the programs are having on the students.

3. Consider ideas for YouTube to further explore the benefits of Mindfulness Training. What content would get our message across to our target audience? Are their visual images that would be more effective?

4 Contact the Philadelphia Inquirer and local community papers to discuss with journalist's a possible article about our programs.

5. What social media tool would be effective in reaching out to PTO organizations that would interest key members who would want to have an active role in our program.

Time Commitment:

4-5 hours twice a week for 6-week period

4 hours a week for 14 weeks


Each  program will be supervised by Ricki Jacobson, MSN Executive Director

The student will establish weekly goals and objectives that will be evaluated and reviewed on a weekly basis. A joint evaluation tool will be developed to evaluate the progress of the student and

to summarize their effectiveness at the end of the internship program.

If you are interested in an internship with Matthews Mindful Moment please contact Ricki Jacobson by emailing her at

Thank You For Your Interest In Our Programs! 

Volunteer Opportunities

Matthew’s Mindful Moment is looking for Volunteers

▪Are you interested in making a difference in this world by changing the lives of our children?

▪Do you want to see a world where children are concerned about others?

▪Do you want to see a world where kindness to others is a priority?

▪Do you want to see a world where children are taught to look for the goodness in others?

We have studies that have proven that bringing mindfulness training to schools can create these changes in attitudes. 

These changes can create an atmosphere in schools, so all children are accepted.

Volunteer Positions We Are Looking For:


Do you have an interest in writing? If you do, we could use assistance with a Blog we would like to have on our website and social media.

Do you have an interest in helping to raise funds for further mindfulness programs? We could use assistance in ideas concerning fund raising opportunities.

Do you have an interest in strategic planning? We have openings on our board of directors.

Do you have experience teaching meditation to children? We are always searching for interested teachers to join our organization.

Do you have experience in photography and/or social media? We need assistance in creating a social media presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

If You Are interested in any of these opportunities please click the link below, or email us at .

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