Responses From 5th Grade Students


“This year learning mindfulness was so much fun. I learned a lot about character traits and what to do in bad time. I also was able to use these skills in real life.”

“When I was mad I used a lot of what we learned in mindfulness. It calmed me down and I thought of some character strengths I should have. “

“I was able to use mindfulness when a kid tried to fight me. I used my judgement and told myself fighting is not a good idea. I took a deep breath. He got in trouble and I did not. “

“I really liked learning about character strengths, especially when our classmates told each other what their strengths were. I did use my mindfulness knowledge outside of school my family. “

“I learned a lot about being mindful. How to take a deep breath and go to calm. This helps my body so u do not get so mad. “

“I learned I could hear the bell and use that to calm myself down. Or I could twiddle my thumps instead of getting mad. Mindfulness helped me learn to relax. “

“I really liked mindfulness practice. It was the first time I learned to calm myself down. “

"In mindfulness, I learned to stay calm to solve problems in an appropriate manner. I was able to use this when I got in an argument.”

“In mindfulness, I learned how to control myself and how that could make me a better leader with my peers. “

“Mindfulness has made me more aware of myself and how I talk with those around me . I was able to use it with my younger sister and not fight with her. “

“I am able to use mindfulness at home and school. I can calm myself down by taking deep breaths. “

“I was able to use self regulation in my sport activities.”

"I loved learning mindfulness especially about expanding our joy. How to share good news with others.”