About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Matthew’s Mindful Moment is to change the life of a child by bringing meditation training to elementary schools. We believe that Mindfulness training will lead to happier, less stressful lives for children and teachers. We believe that the emotional and mental health of children is the foundation of a better future for our world.

Our Story

In March 2016, our son Matthew died in a motor vehicle accident in Austin TX.  Although our friends and family were very supportive, there is no magic answer to navigate such a loss. While dealing with our grief, we discovered a way to help ourselves; it was through the Practice of Mindfulness.  And so, the Foundation Matthew’s Mindful Moment was born. The purpose of this Foundation is to preserve his memory and to assist children deal with the stresses if growing up in the 21st century.

Matthew attended the school for seven years and loved his experience. With the help with the headmaster and his associates we focused her energy on establishing a pilot program of Mindfulness in the Meadowbrook school.

This foundation has helped us in the journey of grieving of our son. The creation ofMatthews Mindful Moment has been a healing experience for family.You feel that Matthews presence Every day to spread a message. Matthew would've embraced  an organization that helps children. He enjoyed children and was a wonderful father to his son.

Our Goals

The Goals of our organization through meditation training is to address the broad spectrum of social and emotional learning. The program focuses on teaching strategies for helping students focus their attention; improve self-regulation; build resilience to stress and develop a positive mindset.

There is noted decrease in anxiety in students who practice mindfulness training. It has been researched, through consistent practice of mindfulness that there is a marked enhancement in student’s understanding of others and empathy of others. Recent information has shown marked improved ability for students who practice mindfulness in their ability to utilize resolution skills.

Our Partners

Manor College


Clara Barton Elementary School


Watson Comly School


Upper Moreland Primary School


Wallingford Elementary School


William H. Loesche School