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Healthy Indulgences Cooking Class

October 7th, 2017

This class was an opportunity for students to learn how to prepare healthy, delicious desserts in preparation for the holidays. During the class students used mindfulness baking! 

Mindfulness  baking allows us to find relaxation in cooking, which reduces overall  anxiety and stress!  Through the class, we will learn techniques to  create healthy desserts to share with  loved ones.  Learning the mindfulness cooking practice will enable us  to find appreciation in the ingredients, flavors and the tastes we are  experiencing.

We Thank Everyone Who Participated In This Event

Parenting From The Heart With Dr. Dan Gottlieb

May 10, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Manor College  

About Dr. Gottlieb:

Dr. Dan Gottlieb is a practicing psychologist but is best known as the host of ‘Voices in the Family’, a weekly radio program heard for more than 30 years on NPR. "Voices in The Family" was an award winning mental health call in radio show. Currently, the show has moved from its weekly format to 6 times a year. 

About Dr. Gottlieb’s Presentation:

When we asked Dr Gottlieb about the essence of "Parenting From the Heart" he said; “Ever since Dr. Spock, we parents have been subjected to “guidance” from professionals. The dangers of too much discipline, and the dangers of not enough. Overindulging and neglected children are at risk. And now there is stranger danger! How did we survive without this advice ? We parented based on what was happening in our hearts rather than fearing what was in our heads”. “Parenting From The Heart” will be about reclaiming the wisdom we were born with

Dr. Gottlieb will present about Parenting from the Heart and How to change the difficult job of Parenting to one of Joy