Current Programs


Mindfulness at Meadowbrook School-Abington, PA

Our fall semester guiding children and their teachers in kindergarten through sixth grade in the practice of mindfulness has been exciting due to its success. Matthew’s Mindful Moment program consists of eight modules of experiential mindfulness training. Each module concentrates on different areas geared to the social-emotional functioning, resilience and executive functioning of children.

Matthew’s Mindful Moment program helps children understand the importance of a healthy brain and how to achieve this through meditation practice. Modules concentrating on compassion training and transforming resistance into acceptance and resilience are some of the skills offered during the program.

Continued mindfulness practice assists our children by providing them with proven skills to successfully navigate and overcome the stress and unprecedented pressures confronting them in today’s society. There have been breakthroughs in the area of neuroscience illustrating that meditation training can change the neuroplasticity of the brain. Our intention is that Matthew’s Mindful Moment program will reach all children and reset their difficult and sometimes combative attitudes into compassion, patience and understanding.

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